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Anastacia and Martin workshop
Through our journeys to adulthood we have been shaped by many conflicting pressures. For most of us this has led us to shape ourselves in uncomfortable and painful so as to be seen as acceptable. Our ability to discern what is good for us and what is good for others; our ability to deeply connect with our loved ones and ourselves; our ability to warmly pleasure ourselves and others gets lost in the swirling mists of judgment, anxiety and fear. The sacred space needed to establish consent is diminished. We want to journey back to the uninhibited playfulness of our internal child. To touch again our deeper yearnings for connection our workshop will explore the sacred boundaries within and between us. We will take time to discover what it is we really desire and the courage to ask for it. We will take the time to find out what others really want and the courage to serve their desires.

This workshop will be a safe, warm and supportive space for participants to journey inwards and outwards, for bodies to connect in ways that generate energy and love and for everyone to discover the beauty and wonder that is themselves and their fellow travelers. 

The workshop will be open to everyone. The touch that each participant wishes to receive and to give will be for them to choose. The boundaries of the workshop and the boundaries of the participants.

Our workshop will involve several structures for couples and groups, in which we will explore our yes and our no. We will also use movement and breathing exercises to tune in with our energy. 
This worshop is white, a safe and welcoming space for everyone. We leave judgements at the door.

More about Anastacia

She was born in Russia, in St Petersburg. She graduated from St Petersburg University, where she studied biology.
After moving to the UK, she studied anthroposophy in Emerson College, then holistic therapies and different modalities of body work in Pembrokeshire College and Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, visceral manipulation in Barral Institute, birth journey in Conscious Embodiment Trainings, craniosacral therapy in Resonance Trainings.
Her personal journey brought her to discover the path of Tantra, which was profoundly healing for her. As a result she has completed a 2 year training program in professional Tantric massage with John Hawken.
She has been practicing bodywork for over 12 years now. There is so much to learn from our bodies! This journey has been deeply transformaitve for her and she loves sharing it with her clients - men and women. You can learn more about Anastacia's work in her website.

More about Martin Honeywell
His tantric and shamanic journey is built upon psychotherapeutic training and practice grounded in an MSc. at the Tavistock Institute in London. Since then, and working with enlightened teachers, his path to energetic body work has unfolded in many directions. He has completed professional tantric massage training with John Hawken.
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