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Workshops by Blissful Divinity
 At Tantrafest UK 2017 Bliss is offering practical workshops on Blessing the Yoni and Honouring the lingham at two levels of intimacy - for those who prefer not to directly experience of work with the physical we will be using props! There is a confidential closed group session for those who are more adventurous and wish to explore in the flesh. A meditation of the 7 sexual gates which is fully clothed and non contact to heal held traumas and emotional blocks relating to the energetic gateways of the womb and hara. A crystal bowl sound healing meditation for healing and integration. 

Releasing held traumas around issues with intimacy and the physical body as a vehicle to spiritual awakening. A safe held space to explore and open up, including visualisations, breathwork and bodywork invoking the sacred sensual aspects of our highest selves. This therapeutic work does not involve direct sexual contact, in the context of sessions Bliss facilitates. Teaching for couples and single people of all orientations and genders, honoring the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Bliss offers workshops and rituals for deepening connection in relationships, with the divine in ourselves and others. The energies of shamanic journey, breath-work and touch, yoga and tantric tradition, Gnosticism and the divine archetypes of masculine and feminine all combine in this work. She obtained full qualification as a Sacred Sexual Union Facilitator in 2016. She began her tantra journey from within yoga in 2001, and has mentored with several teachers in addition to group and inner work. The sessions she offers range from traditional tantra, to expansive consciousness raising meditation. 

You can find out more about her work here.
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