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At Tantra Fest UK 2017, Diana Gentle will be offering:

Wheel of Consent & Conscious Connection (white):
Using Betty Martins Wheel of Consent, this experiential workshop will allow your body to resonate with the dynamics of what happens within conscious boundaries and how the shadow aspects can play out. You will be invited to interact with boundaried touch, learning what a boundary is and isn't and how they assist us being true to ourselves. Begin to express what we really enjoy and be clear in what you don't.
If you struggle to say NO or aren't sure how to ask for what connection and touch you like, this is a workshop for you.

Deepening Conscious Connection (pink) The next level after WoC and Conscious Connection, (participants must have done level 1 first), This takes the touching to a more intimate level (whatever that is for you), may involve some nudity. The invitation is to explore your sensuality in a gentle and honest way. Fully supported and encouraged to ask for what you really desire, and to say an authentic No when a request is outside your boundaries. This workshop can be both challenging and playful.
Loving Your Inner Child (White) Learn tools to connect with your inner child to allow more love and acceptance in your life. Become the (self)parent you always wanted to have. Reclaim your innocence.
All of you is welcome here, be joyful, sad, angry, cheeky, rebellious, shy, anxious, loud, playful...

More About Diana Gentle
A truly colourful global goddess, Diana spends her time between NZ - her native country, and UK sharing her many skills including Catering, organising, co-ordinating at Conscious camps and facilitating workshops. She is founder of Divine Fire NZ offering empowerment programmes & workshops. Diana is passionate about the work around consent & boundaries known as "Betty Martins ~ The Wheel of Consent' and brings this important work to the camp in the form of a practical workshop sharing awareness & communication skills that enhance life at many levels - family, business & work.
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