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Welcome to Tantra Fest UK 2017 Program

We want to offer an accesible range of workshops for everyone's enjoyment. Our wokshops are included in the price and therefore are free of charge (unless specify any cost in materials to run it)

We have divided our workshops following the Tantra Color Code:

White: Accessible for everyone. This workshop is good for beginner. White Tantra is non-contact and can generally be practiced without physical elements as it involves visualitation and purely spiritual and energetic work.
Pink: The Pink workshops might involve some possible contact such as eye gazing or touch but they are clothed. The pink workshops could involve self-practice or partner work and have generally more contact but in a gently boundaried sense suitable for those who don't wish to be deeply intimated.
Red: Highly charged Workshops, ritualised intimate space which could involve nudity, partner work and physical contact in addition to the use of props or food and drink/scented oils or other adjuvants to enhance the depth of experience for those taking part.

So far, we are pleased to announce the following confirmed Workshops and practitioners:

Blissful Divinity 
  • Crystal bowl sound healing meditation (white)
  • Meditation of the 7 sexual gates (white)
  • Blessing the Yoni (pink and red)
  • Honouring the lingham (pink and red)

More about Blissful Divinity's workshops.

Diana Gentle
  • Wheel of Consent & Conscious Connection (white):
  • Deepening Conscious Connection (pink)
  • Loving Your Inner Child (White) 
Discover more About Diana Gentle's workshops.

Anastacia and Martin Honeywell
  • Sacred Boundaries and Consent (white)

Learn more about Anastacia and Martin's workshop.


If you like what you are reading, why not joining us? Early bird tickets available until the end of June!

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